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About Me

When I was a teenager, I moved to Ireland with a one-way ticket and fifty dollars. I had worked on the American premier of an Irish play and when the cast offered to smuggle me back with them, I agreed. For many years, I lived and worked in Galway and Dublin. The work I saw in Europe, especially Kneehigh and Druid Theatre Company, inspired me to finish my education and become a theatre director.

I moved back to America to finish my degree and then I spent many years in what I would call the “fringe” theatre scene of Seattle. It was a close-knit community. We acted in each other’s shows, designed each other’s sets and all seemed to share the same fifty bucks. I directed many people in their first plays.  In 2006, I applied for apprenticeships and gained an excellent opportunity at Milwaukee Rep where I assisted on shows, directed the understudies and directed the intern company in a studio production.

From Milwaukee Rep, I went to graduate school and in 2011, I graduated with my MFA in Theatre Directing. Since then, I’ve devised two pieces called FEAST (I&II) and I produced and directed a short film, DOLCI. Last March, I assisted Joseph Haj at PlayMakers Theater on CABARET as part of the SDC Observership Program. This year I directed RADIO HOUR at Yale Cabaret and I wrote the libretto for the opera, THE LIVING DOLLS and directed the workshop production of this opera at Gypsy/Yale Cabaret.

My long-term goal is to found a theatre company that combines a challenging season of new and re-magined classics with regular feasts. Because my formative years were spent in Ireland, I find myself favoring playwrights with a musical quality like McDonagh, Williams, Friel, Pinter, Greig, Munro, Ruhl and O’Neill. These plays demand a physical life as meaty as their texts, a physical life that I hope to give them. What I’ve taken away from my many years in fringe theatre is the knowledge that you can produce a Shakespearian tragedy with a tennis ball, a pack of chewing gum and over confidence. What audiences have taught me is that they want to be challenged and they want opportunities to find a deeper sense of community.